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Stamm Seeadler (“see-eagles”) is a scoutgroup from Haltern in western Germany (near Recklinghausen and Münster).

Our group - or “tribe” as we say in Germany - is even 55 years old and counts about 75 members, who are spread off in three groups:

  • youngest section, from 7 to 11 years, they are called “Wölflinge” (Cubs / Brownies): The theme is based on R. Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, stories about Mowgli, a child raised by wolves. The animals in the story play a symbolic role in Mowgli’s education.
  • youveniles, from 12 to 17 years, are called “Pfadfinder” (Scouts). They often go hiking, they explore the woods, mountains, or rivers. They do free climbing, canoeing, cycling, or just hiking. When they’re older, they choose their own leader and prepare projects and weekends.
  • our older scouts (over 18 years old) are called rovers. They meet one time a month and help the tribe in it’s work.

Although our tribe was founded about half a century ago, although we care for our traditions, not everything stayed at its old standard, we’re up to date!
You can see that, for example, in our camps and weekly meetings: Activities help to acquire technical, physical, musical, social, and spiritual abilities; help to develop an individual personality and gain self-confidence; facilitate living and problem solving in a group; strengthen the ability to take over responsibility, political awareness, openness and creativity; and heighten awareness of the environment and one´s own community.

Highlight of all activities is our summer-camp. We travelled to many european countries and made different experiences, that’s never boring, especially our hike. Our scouts get one week time for discovering the landscape, for get together with the people, but without an group-leader. So, that’s always an adventure!

We are a member of the DPV (Deutscher Pfadfinderverband / “German Scouts Federation”), which is not in the WAGGGS or WOSM, it’s an independent association.

our methods and intentions

We are part of the pluralistic, non-confessional and non-political scout-movement. We welcome everyone, regardless of race, belief, origin, or conviction. We feel strongly about tolerance, uniting different opinions in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Openness is our contribution to a multicultural society.

Scouting is a well-tried working procedure and a pedagogically justified method to deal with young people. Youngsters meet each other in small groups, with responsibilities adjusted to their age. In scouting traditions live on, creating a magical and mysterious world of experience. But playing and adventure are given priority.

As a scout you feel at home in the world. You are part of a worldwide movement. During camps you meet young people from all quarters sharing plenty of common values. You enjoy the hospitality in other countries, and occasionally you can be the host(ess). Our uniform is our “trademark”. If you are abroad, although you aren’t able to understand the language, you will be welcome. Everybody realizes, that you’re a scout.

Being a dynamic movement, we try to operate as democratically as possible. We give you the opportunity to take up social engagements. You grow up with a critical eye, a social attitude and an ecology-conscious view on society. Scouting is all about teamwork: both large and small groups are very important.


Feel free to send us a letter, e-mail, or call us!

Sebastian Henksmeyer (Spacy)
Im Hohen Winkel 43
D - 45721 Haltern am See
fon: 0049 - 2364 - 603004
mail: spacy@pfadfinder-haltern.de

Imke Mischer (Maja)
Im Hohen Winkel 43
D - 45721 Haltern am See
fon: 0049 - 221 - 5540180
mobil: 0049 - 171 - 8550975
mail: maja@pfadfinder-haltern.de

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